How to get a full Excavator Power Armor set – Increase your max weight by 100!

Found this guide on how to get a full Excavator Power Armor set that will increase your max weight by 100!

To get this set you will need to hit level 25 first, then finish a side mission. Details below.

Edit: You can enter the building and take the plans, but you can’t craft the set (which is required to complete the mission) unless you’re level 25.

Starting the side mission:

Go to Garrahan Mining Headquarters located here:

Inspect the poster located here which will initiate the mission. It’s called Miner Miracles:

From there just follow the mission’s steps until you are asked to craft the Excavator armor set.

Crafting the set

I will split this section into two parts…

Part 1: Resources needed to craft the set:

  • Helmet:
    6 Black Titanium | 12 Glass | 13 Rubber | 10 Screw | 17 Steel
  • Torso:
    6 Black Titanium | 10 Gear | 6 Nuclear Material | 13 Rubber | 10 Screw | 17 Steel
  • Right Arm:
    6 Black Titanium | 10 Gear | 9 Oil | 10 Screw | 17 Steel
  • Left Arm:
    6 Black Titanium | 10 Gear | 9 Oil | 10 Screw | 17 Steel
  • Right Leg:
    6 Black Titanium | 9 Oil | 10 Screw | 30 Spring | 17 Steel
  • Left Leg:
    6 Black Titanium | 9 Oil | 10 Screw | 30 Spring | 17 Steel
  • Total resources needed for all 6 pieces:
    36 Black Titanium | 12 Glass | 26 Rubber | 60 Screw (ouch) | 102 Steel | 30 Gear | 6 Nuclear Material | 36 Oil | 60 Spring

Part 2: Getting the resources

Black Titanium:

You can farm it in 3 ways that I know of:

  1. Easy way: Claim a workshop which provides Black Titanium, there is one close to Vault 76 located here:

    Once you claim it, build the Black Titanium extractor, power it up, then wait for it to produce. Edit: The extractor will produce around 20 Black Titanium per hour. Credit to u/thecookiemaker

  2. A less easier way: Kill a deathclaw. There is one deathclaw that will always spawn in Deathclaw Island located here:

    Also one spawns around Hornwright Air Purifier Site #1 located here:

    I’m not sure if they scale with player level, but when I was level 25-30 the deathclaws were level 21. Each deathclaw will drop from 4 to 6 Black Titanium and some gears as well. There are other deathclaw spawn areas and I will add them if/when I pinpoint their locations.

  3. Find a U-MINE-IT ! Vending Machine, there is one outside The Rusty Pick located here. and here is a close-up of the machine, and the prices of the maps:

    Once you have the maps, check your Notes tab and open them, they will reveal spots where you can dig up materials, including Black Titanium.

  4. Edit: Another easy way is by killing Mole Miners in Ash Heap. Credit to u/dulfy

Gear, Oil, Rubber, Screw, Spring:

  1. Claim a workshop that has junk production, the one I mentioned above has it. The junk extractor will produce random junk overtime.
  2. Mark them on your pip boy for search, go explore the world and grab anything that is marked. While you’re exploring and collecting what you find, the extractor in your workshop will be producing more junk for you. So go back and forth between exploring and checking on your extractor until you get what you need.


This is by far the easiest one to farm, just kill enemies, loot their weapons, and scrap them. You will get more Steel than you will ever need.

Nuclear Material:

Make sure you mark it for search, then head out into the world and look out for those items:

Biometric Scanner, Blast Radius Board Game, High-Powered Magnet, Ignition Core, Mini Nuke Beryllium Cap, Mini Nuke Detonator Shell, Rad Poker Board Game, Vault-Tec Alarm Clock, Wakemaster Alarm Clock.

Edit: Items mentioned by the community:

  • Radscorpian Stingers. Credit to u/legolas141
  • Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant is a good place to farm Nuclear Material. Credit to u/elgepi
  • Petrified corpses have a low chance to drop it, watch out for the rad. Credit to u/IonDragonX
  • Volatile Materials Boxes. Credit to u/Mxvntain

There could be more items with Nuclear Material that are not listed, feel free to tell me about them and I’ll add them.

Tip: Don’t forget to lock your extractors to prevent other players from stealing what’s inside it!

Edit: To lock your extractor, enter build mode, then edit, walk up to the extractor and press the hotkey for Lock. Choose the lock level you like and confirm.

Now that you have everything you need, find the nearest Power Armor Station, Craft the set (assuming you already have a chassis), wear it, and enjoy your extra 100 max weight !

When you complete the mission you will also be rewarded a plan that teaches you how to build a Power Armor Station so you can build one in your C.A.M.P ­čÖé

Full credit to Layth36 who posted this great guide on Reddit!

November 16, 2018 at 4:12 pm

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I already knew this as I went through the blog kaspersky antivirus error 1922 and I got the details there.


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