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The “Chillax” build – go anywhere, do anything, don’t worry bout a thing.

One day you’re in the Vault. It’s warm, there’s food, and you can dedicate your time to coming up with interesting ways to use spices, and then….
…Reclamation Day!
Wait what?
What do you MEAN you’ve been preparing for this for weeks? I certainly haven’t. Perhaps a little too much immersion in Grognak mags and maybe – MAYBE – the spices are not supposed to be smoked.
Dammit. Can we at LEAST limit the hassle?
Yes, yes we can. Meet the Chillax …

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Bloodied Bitch – End-game non-PA bloodied TANK Rifle build (strong language!)

UPDATE: It’s unplayable, unfortunately. Couple of observations:

BOS Heavy Combat goes WAY higher than I had originally planned out. Nearly 900 DR and ER with my set, which includes a light arm, and the chest has not been 200% repaired yet. See here:

EDIT: Insert image doesn’t work. Here’s what I mean:

Radiation is more of a bitch than I thought. You will drop so fast due to radiation that you basically are dead before you can hit bloodied status.…

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The Bloody Bastard – Death in Power Armor

EDIT: Serendipity does not work with Power Armor. I’m going to test tankiness and report back. Some freed up perks if so! 🙂
Note: This build works best in X-01 power armor, with the Blackbird paint scheme and red headlight. There’s no benefit to the build or playstyle, it just looks ridiculously badass.
We will however be using the Emergency Protocols mod for power armor which is a flat 50% damage reduction when less than 20% health. This is critical to the build.
The idea behind th…

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