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Updated Heavy Guns PvE

My first stab at Heavy Guns had some odd choices as I was still using level 1 perks for shotguns and melee before (plus Martial Artist applied to Gatling Guns so I had it), so this is my current blueprint for it. I don’t see Bullet Shield being a game-changer against nuke zones or anything so instead of it I just kept a weight perk for my 40+ stimpacks and 40+ radaways I carry into nuke zones (diluted of course). While I could pick concentrated fire for the rando Perception point, it make…

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Heavy Guns, but I also want to loot stuff and 50 Cals are OP anyway

This is basically the build I’ll be running outside of trying to do SBQ or respawn-intensive Whitespring nuke zones where minmaxed damage = less ammo to lug around. I’m quite content running with the weight perks if it means having to scrap/sell/store less and loot more. I have to also point out that I’m more about questing and exploring since I’ve killed SBQ a ton and have all the plans she drops but very few of the rare plans that didn’t gain a permanent vendor s…

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PvE Pistol w/ Melee Backup 1.0

I’ve gotten pretty bored with the end game grind and having everything on my main so this is my idea for an alt that actually uses some of the legendary pistols I’ve been saving. I included some melee backup so I had an excuse for points in strength plus if pistols work like everything else I need a backup for when I run out of ammo.

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PvE Heavy Guns Build

So this has been a rapidly evolving build as I learn the ins and outs of what perks work best (or at least correctly) and as I find out what heavy weapons to go for. Personally I use the trusty .50 cal and a Minigun since the Martial Artist perk applies to it and it one shots lower level mobs very easily when its ammo is more or less the same to make as .50 cal ammo is. Gatling plasmas weren’t bad but you have to carry more than one for when (not if, when) they break and I’d rather …

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