Posted by JoBo0302 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Stealth Commando/Rifleman 2.0 (Crit spam + Stealth)

Welcome to my revised Stealth Commando build that I have based off of YouTuber (Captain Noob)  (The link below is his channel)
Gear: Use any rifle/ auto rifle with a 2 chameleon legs, 2 chameleon arms, and Stand Fast as the chest (this helps with stealth a lot).
Strength: -4- Strength is not a necessity for this build but I have it at 4 to help with weight reduction. This is very situational for example: Equip Traveling Pharmacy 2 with ra…

Created 7 months ago.

Posted by JoBo0302 in Fallout 76 Character Builds.

Stealth Commando (utilizing critical spamming and stealth)

Hi, I created this build based off someone on YouTube (captain noob) and this build relies on using the sneak bonus combined with crit spamming to make any automatic rifle work and be overpowered.
STR4: Having strength of 4 is only there to carry more junk and chems
PER12: I’ve made perception 12 instead of 15 because I plan on having perk card efficiency instead of having the max damage. This also allows me to have more accuracy and armor penetration. 3 points from strength could easily …

Created 8 months ago.

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