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The Slugger

The Slugger is for those who grew up in the vault reading Grognak the Barbarian.
Lots of running, and lots of swinging, don’t forget to bring something for those pesky hard to get to one. Check with your teammates before running melee. You don’t want to get in the way to much.
S- (all 3 Slugger perks), Incisor, Barbarian(or Blocker): Pretty much dmg, dmg, and more dmg resist.
P- Glow sight: More dmg.
E- Adamantium, Ironclad, Vaccinated, Lifegiver: You don’t want to be crippled…

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The Gunslinger

The role the gunslinger plays is to toss the explosives, run in, activate V.A.T.S and clean up the area with revolvers or high powered non-automatic pistols.
This build is for the skirmisher playstyle, very mobile, lots of action, it can be altered for a more ninja build if you needed it to be.
S(6)- Basher and Ordnance Express are helpful and keep you from becoming over-encumbered. Basher just in case you feel like finishing them off with a good pistol whip or pressuring your target before fin…

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