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†Holy Trinity Tank† V1.1

What’s the job of a tank? To get the enemy’s attention and mitigate the damage of the rest of your party. For those of you who enjoy being up in the enemy’s grill and rocking a killer grill (You wanna see my what?) while you do it. Please read on.
For anyone else who may be looking for another point in the Holy Trinity Triangle:
†Holy Trinity Healer†
†Holy Trinity Ranger†
The Tank
The first thing I was thinking when making this build was surprisingly not the Strength but the C…

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†Holy Trinity Ranger†

The Ranger
If you’ve played Fallout 4 then you’d probably know that one of the more popular builds is the Sneaky Sniper build. This build’s trademarks of high agility, luck, and perception make the game incredibly easy.. but does this translate over to Fallout 76? This build is bound and determined to find out!
The Ranger went through a slight tweak under the Charisma tree. We’re still at 6 but we’re losing Magnetic Personality in favor of Rank 2 Squad Maneuver and…

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†Holy Trinity Healer†

The Healer
AKA Mobile Hospital, AKA Dr Feelgood, etc.. The Healer is the backbone of any fleshed out party, ensuring that the tank stays upright and the DPS keeps not standing in fire, unless it’s your fire. FO76 has made the Flamer the primary weapon for healers. This build is going to provide you the tools necessary to do that job and look shiny AF doing it.
CHARISMA 15 – While I can’t for the life of me seeing myself maxing this stat for the sake of sharing Level 5 perks, I…

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High HP / Damage Resist / Evasion Tank

The goal of this build was to create the most damage mitigation possible and also give the healers an easy go at healing the tank.
The first step in creating this build was to max out Strength/Agility for the Barbarian/Evasive perk cards. The higher the SPECIAL, the higher your damage resistances. 
I would max out Strength first. Get it to level 15 ASAP for the carry weight, damage, and Barbarian. Never max out Gladiator (I hope they change this) It will provide you with much more utility that …

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