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The Lucky Assaultron [WIP]

Stealth Boy. How can I open this build with anything else?
This build is purely based on the Assaultron and isn’t at all optimal. It’s just a dumb, weird and fun build for those who like to RP as a Synth or some weird shit like this. This is a one-handed melee build and, yes, it can be two-handed. But since we use VATS to pump-up sneak-crits, one-handed is faster and cheaper on the AP cost.
First thing first, you absolutely need to craft one of the robotic headgear and equip it. Onc…

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Frostfire Turtle (Heal/Support). Revision of Napalm Turtle.

Howdy! Y’all like fire and ice? Me too!
So, the goal here is a really long and painful road. Until level 25-30, you’ll be stuck with whatever you have in hand. I’d suggest a nice melee weapon like a fireaxe, and a good ol’shotgun. This build is mainly for team-centric player, so Lone Wanderer will not be mentioned here, but if you want to make a solo healer, which is kinda useless, I won’t stop ya. This build is viable with or without PA.
Using the Cryo (or Gatling…

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