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Unarmed build

An unarmed build using deathclaw gauntlet

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Mutation guide

Warning: there is apparently a glitch that causes serums to not work sometimes. If you use a serum and it does not work you lose your caps! If you are going to use a serum I recommend buying it and using it after you have taken starched genesoff and after you have re-loaded your world so that you are less likely to encounter the glitch. I have personally never encountered it, but I’ve heard of others that have. I know there is a cooldown on when you can naturally get mutations so it’…

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efficient team melee build

this is the original version of my other build
After playing the game for a while, I decided on some changes that are reflected in the other build, but I’m re-posting this for those of you who still want to follow this.
2 str, inspirational
3 cha, inspirational
4 cha, inpsirational
5 str, actionboy/action girl
6 str, slugger
7 str, slugger
8 str, slugger
9 agi, actionboy/actiongirl
10 agi, actionboy/actiongirl
11 str picklock
12 cha, r…

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Efficient Team Melee guide

Mutation guide:
Changes: I’ve re-evaluated intelligence and now believe that we need at least 3 this gives us access to the double repair on weapons and armor. This actually improves our damage since over-repaired items deal more damage. For the most part we cab have makeshift warrior on to save our weapon durability, but I think I want to have the ability to go for a heavy melee damage option involving radicool, nerd rage, and unyielding ar…

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Operation Alpha Strike the quest for maximum damage in a single hit 35 STR and 201% increased damage!

Operation Alpha Strike!
the goal here is to maximise our damage output with a melee weapon and to implement it in a way that is feasible.
Final numbers:
35 str, 201.25% increased damage, 3x sneak attack modifier, and 40% increased critical damage
We’ll start by maxing out strength
special points get us to 15
solar powered gets us to 18 (only during the day)
radicool gets us to 23
herd mentality mutation gets us to 25
partyboy/partygirl and vodka gets us to 31
mole rat chunks gets us to 32…

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Theory crafting PVP griefer build?

The concept of this build is to use a very fast weapon like the mr handy buzz saw in combination with the overly generous perk. The total offense required for this build is a single 2 point perk, so we can focus the rest of our points on being as tanky as possible allowing us to have ourselves irradiated enough to trigger the overly generous perk.
the reason I call it a potential griefer build is because i’m not sure how it will interact with the “slap” damage mechanic. If the…

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